Goonz HQ in World Wide Webb - Proposal by ApolloDoge

Hi Goonz,

I wrote up a proposal linked below for why I think the Goonz should foray into the metaverse via WorldWideWebb. Look forward to this discussion. If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.



I really enjoy the idea of Goonz heading into the metaverse. Does WWW bring to the table all the elements that makes goonz? Applicable clothing in-game, storytelling, goonz appeal etc. As web3 grows more and more land metas will be released and it makes me wonder what step goonz should make in the sense of what metaverse world best suits us in the long run.

I really enjoy pixel art and I feel like it’s a good tribute combing both arts(that of rubber hose and pixels) in union. I believe we can grow on this rather than 3D metaverse at the moment as we are taking a gamble on the technology to develop.

Even though I’m in favor of choosing WWW as our world to reside in. I still question whether it would best suit as the home for goonz because of the integration and longevity in technology behind it as we continue to adapt and further advance in the space.

I’ll start by saying I’m a big fan of WWWebb as a game and an experiential marketing platform, and holder of a small apartment. I also think this could be a great extension to the Goonz brand pending some viability checks.

FWIW I work in a senior martech product management capacity, so this is written variably through the lens of brand marketing, product/technical scoping, and BI. Sorry for any buzzwords!

General positives

  • There are potentially huge brand awareness benefits to existing in a cross-over metaverse, and WWW is the rare one where art style and quality - the core of the collection - can really shine, and visibility is guaranteed (no camera to turn away). More on this under “The Cryptoon Goonz Brand”
  • WWW is the most viable metaverse environment in the market - it’s available today as an advanced vertical slice - and is the most artistically future-proofed, since high-res 2d or pixel art is eternal. Basically, it exists and it’s pretty. Just like us!
  • The high-res 2d (or pixel) art has a lot more longevity than 3d, making integration efforts a one-off piece of work - important if we commit to this that it be long-lived and low-upkeep
  • The art style also allows for a level of creative control that 3d rigging does not (lighting, angles, etc. are sprite-based rather than procedural)
  • There are no competitive concerns with integrating - this is an additive integration that does not preclude or intrude on any known Goonz future plans

General considerations

  • The true value of an apartment purchase is dependent on features not yet available. i have high conviction in WWW and their product/dev team but that execution risk exists - we don’t know when these features will be live
  • Art-and-character fit will need prototype validation before becoming a potential roadmap item. I write more about this in Avatar Viability below.

The Cryptoon Goonz Brand

I see an integration as a brand building play within web3 circles, and a potential experiment chamber (at low cost) for future experiential events.

There’s something very on-brand about a gang of Goonz rolling up into a bumping party in Teshimi and the surrounding streets. Even more so as WWW is a pre-built and designed urban environment. Goonz belong in the city, and this is reinforced by the themes of urban environments across the Goonz socials. I feel there’s a creative fit, but we need to consider the ROI and value adds - and Sean ofc is THE source of truth for what is or is not Goonz canon and brand-appropriate.

To open up that discussion the main brand-value-adds I see with WWW are:

  1. with the avatars - visibility within the space may introduce or keep Goonz top of mind for WWW users and fans, giving the art a new platform to stand out on - this also helps break us out of any potential “partner” bubble we may find ourselves in. This extends to low-level ambient social marketing, as screenshots of Teshimi parties make the rounds. This has high potential for Goonz brand recall and spreading awareness of the collection into new (or lapsed) audiences.

  2. with the potential apartment - a low-cost build (drag n drop, wall art) goonz environment to invite other communities into (regardless of their relationship with WWW) opens up a platform to reinforce the Goons brand and purpose with visual design and - importantly - music. Invite DJs, play the goons anthem, roll a playlist of old school hip hop. This can be a great brand extension and reputation building play to differentiate via experience if it’s committed to. This apartment functionality will be released in the future, but events in the main club are viable immediately.

Avatar Viability

  • WWW is suited best to pixel art - though higher resolution integrations are increasing - this raises the key viability question - can Goonz traits port distinctively enough into the sprite style? - this would need early validation before resource commitment
  • This is an interesting opportunity to set the “physical” traits of a Goon - do they present in the Roger Rabbit style of being shorter than the default “human” characters, or are they full height but wider (like little lemons), do they walk in a particular way (perhaps inspired by rubberhose) and how does a custom walk-cycle impact the design challenge?
  • More partnership viability, but - are there content restrictions within WWW? We’ve got a lot of weaponry, bottles and blunts which help differentiate individual Goonz - is this problematic? (I don’t foresee an issue here, but good to check in with)
  • To not fragment the holder experience, do portal Goonz enter WWW as their classic “prime” look? I’d vote yes, to keep integration effort down.
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some great follow up discussion on what to do next in our community call today (5/12)

see the notes here: Goonz Community Call 5/12