Goonz HQ in World Wide Webb + Pixel Goonz (Updated 9/13/22)

Goonz HQ in World Wide Webb (Updated 9/13/22): ApolloDoge #335

TLDR: We are looking to create 10-15 pixel characters that will be used to integrate into WorldWideWebb and to further brand growth and recognition. By buying a Large Apartment in the WWWebb, the Goonz will be able to secure a space for our community to gather, build together, collaborate with other communities and expand our growing presence and brand.


Proposal I:

Buy a Large Apartment in World Wide Webb

Cost: 2 eth ($3,200~) - current floor price for a large apartment is 1.5 eth.

Integrate Cryptoon Goonz into the WWWebb metaverse as a playable pixel avatar

  • Sean is looking at the viability of creating the Pixel sprite sheets for integration himself rather than go through a contracted pixel artist.


World Wide Webb is an interoperable 2d Metaverse created by Thomas Webb (@Hack3r.eth) that is giving utility to many NFT projects through the platform that it has created and developed. As an MMORPG metaverse game, players have the ability to build and create their own community within the world, including building their own structures, displaying NFTs, minting/selling/trading NFTs, hosting events, and more.

Despite the large number of “Metaverse” games that have been developed in the last few years, I believe that the best option for the Cryptoon Goonz at this moment is to buy land in WorldWideWebb.

Although the future is bright for both Sandbox and Decentraland, we are still a few years out from meaningful gameplay for both. Without a high powered computer or VR rig, sandbox and decentraland are simply not as accessible to the sheer number of people that would make game play and community building worth it.

Visually, Webb may not be as refined as the Sandbox and Decentraland graphics, but this can be a benefit as the game can be run smoothly off any device whether it is phone, tablet, or computer and scaled for the enjoyment of the maximum number of people. In this early phase of web3, active users are key and I believe that not only will people be drawn to the nostalgia of the WWWebb graphics (think Pokemon Red/Blue), but the convenience and small barrier for entry and play will be a winning combination.

Future utility that is being rolled out soon include the following and more:

  1. Cultivating community by having a digital gathering space that’s uniquely ours (branded with Goonz)
  • This is possible as apartments can be redesigned as many times as possible allowing for constant iteration and variety for special events or gatherings. This also allows for community engagement as we can hold apartment build competitions, etc.
  1. Hosting events both internal community but also external with other brands (web2 & web3)
  • Spatial proximity voice chat system which allows for more personal interaction within the space - your voice will only be heard by the avatars around you

  • Hosting digital events with our brand partners like Urban Outfitters, Draftkings, etc. to create an activation

  1. Goonz brand presence in the metaverse for the World Wide Webb fans & user base
  • Marketing on socials like they did with Dead Fellaz


  • Other users recognizing Goonz characters running around in the game
  1. Aligning our brand with World Wide Webb (potential collaborations in the future)

Cost of the Project:

Currently the floor for a large apartment is at 1.5 eth or around $2400~ USD. For total integration, we will set a conservative estimate of 5 eth ($8,000 USD). This will cover any additional coordination and anything unpredictable that may occur throughout this process. All costs not incurred will be returned to the community wallet.

Timeline: Late September/Early October 2022

WWWebb is targeting late September for their public alpha release. I think we should capitalize on this by buying the large apartment and announcing our plans for integration alongside their social media team as soon as we can. This not only brings new eyes to the Cryptoon Goonz project through their extensive list of partnerships, but will also help to onboard the non web3 community as the game gains popularity and mainstream appeal.

With the acquisition of a large apartment, the Goonz can secure a space for our community to gather, build together, collaborate with other communities and expand our growing presence and brand. I believe this game has potential beyond just the web3 space and has the team, ability and vision to become the first mainstream metaverse for the whole world.

Additional Links and Information:

Verified features that are coming soon:

  • Hot links straight into specific apartments (Ability to hold spaces, events, town halls within our Goonz HQ apartment)
  • In game minting, trading, and selling of NFTs
  • Synchronized video share system via youtube
  • Token gating apartments for CryptoonGoonz holders only
  • Advertising Revenue for land owners
  • Real time competitive play to own gaming - Webb provides a platform for developers and teams to create games with our IP. Quests can be developed by our team that can be played by anyone in the space.
  • Benefits to holders include future token, opportunities to generate ad revenue in game, and much more.

Demo of gameplay available here:

WorldWideWebb Integration Guide:

WorldWideWebb White Paper and other information:

WEBB NFT Platform Fighting Game Example:

Forgotten Runes Sprites:

WorldWideWebb Opensea Page:[sortAscending]=true&search[sortBy]=PRICE&search[stringTraits][0][name]=type&search[stringTraits][0][values][0]=large%20apartment


This is fantastic. Reasons I’d like to see this pass:

  • Opportunities for community to utilize the Apartment to host virtual metaverse events.
  • Exposure from the integration tweets.

Great work, @ApolloDoge

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