Goonz Community Call 6/2

World Wide Webb 3 Proposals
Waiting on WEBB3 to test out our Pixel art integration
– they are very busy right now with launching V2

Let’s move forward with writing our integrating Goonz into WEBB3 proposal

Artist Budget: 10-15 goonz == ~$2775 dollars aka 1.4 eth budget
Leader budget: 10 hours

How will the Goonz / Traits be picked? Can do a community type vote but we want to pick goonz that will translate well into the Pixel space. And we want to avoid needing to going through the full voting framework for this vote.

Open Floor Ideas / Feedback

  • wonky world isn’t a great name for marketing… wish it had more punch for new buyers to be allured in

  • would be nice if key members of the community could have a chance to give feedback to ideas

  • we could use more engagement on twitter… how do we incentivize that?

How do we put more power behind content creation?

good meme creators

  • 7ORoy
  • Ral

What services should we upload our GIFs to?

  • Giphy
  • Tenor

The Wen Goonz Fly contest produced so much good content

  • can we run more contests & things like that?

We need to take advantage of the trends happening on twitter

  • ex: Goblins are all the rage… there’s the “whats a goon to a goblin” … we need content to match it!

Can we add someone who can support Sean on the art side?

  • maybe an illustrator who can draw in Sean’s style
  • maybe a graphic designer who can assemble pieces from Sean and make things that match
    – maybe Sajo from Alpha Elementry Alpha Elementary

Next Steps:

  • DONE Warren twitter DM to rally meme creators
  • Jesse connect with moediggz
  • Apollo write up a WEBB3 proposal for the pixelated goonz

Can we restructure the discord to better incorporate the Alpha channel back into existing channels?

  • not sure on solution
  • close the public channels and push public chatter to be more public?