Goonz Community Call 5/12

Discussing the WEBB Proposal
(Goonz HQ in World Wide Webb - Proposal by ApolloDoge)

  • @shwcrss believes we should prototype the Goonz art as a pixel format first to make sure its viable / and strong looking
    • suggests we should do a new proposal to create the pixel art & integration first
  • @bk suggested keebpixel as strong pixel artist we could work with
  • @shwcrss talking about how brands will enter the space
    • the power of the apartment can allow us to host product release events, etc. in the
    • this is a branded space that pops differently than just hosting something on twitter or in discord
    • doesn’t think brands will launch their own collections like Budweiser as its a lot of overhead to manage the community
    • brand partnerships with Web3 projects will be more likely
  • @ApolloDoge - V2 for Webb launching soon … prices may rise
  • @shwcrss if we can track engagement numbers for our WEBB platform, we can use that in a brand pitch deck
    • need to track data as much as possible to prove our traction & engagement when we go to work with brands

We should host competitions in the community to decide:

  • who’s goonz will get pixelated
  • which goonz will have their characters hanging on the walls, etc.

Next Steps:

Discuss converting 25% of the ETH to USDC
(Convert 25% of Goonz Stash Community Wallet to USDC Stablecoin)

  • lets move forward with a vote on this immediately
  • lets follow up with a proposal to establish a framework for taking ETH off the table into USDC so we don’t need to vote on this every time