Community Effort to get Verified on OpenSea

All right Goonz fam - long story short, I have discussed with mods on other, smaller NFT projects and I know how to FINALLY get this verified stamp on OpenSea.

This requires a coordinated effort from all the Goonz, which should not be a problem given how strong this community is. Read below to find out how.

What is the true incentive for OpenSea to verify a project ?
Well from a user perspective it is all about identifying the real collection among fake, scam collections. But from OpenSea’s perspective, the benefit of verifying a collection is that they no longer have to deal with scam collections reports. Dealing with user reports suck up their resources when there is too many.

So - how to get verified ?
Easy. We need a coordinated effort from all the goonz to go on OpenSea and regularly report all scam collections, such as :

Next to “Add to Watchlist”, click on the 3 vertical dots and click Report. You will be prompted to put in the link to the real Goonz collection.

Why will this work ?
I have discussed with Jesse about it. He regularly provides a list of fake collections to OpenSea to report them. But the key here is volume. We shall bury them under fake collections reports from everyone in the Goonz fam, so they no longer want to deal with them and are incentivized to verify us.

Have you seen this work elsewhere ?
Yes. I have discussed with Genzee mods, it has worked within 2 weeks of all holders regularly doing reports. I mean, Genzee has 5 times less volume than the Goonz !

How do you propose we organize this ?
Goonz mods involvement is critical here. I have already discussed it with them and suggested I put it here so we can see if we get the community to vouch for this community effort.
I think setting up a timeframe : like 3 weeks. Setting up a dedicated channel in the Discord so we can post all the fake collections to report and getting everyone pumped about the effort. We could incentivize, but tbh getting verified on OS should be enough of an incentive to get everyone involved.

Come on Goonz, everyone is wondering how we can do something to help this project. This takes 5 clicks every other day from everyone for a couple of weeks. Let’s vote for this to prove the Goonz team that we are serious about it and can do it as a community, and then let’s bury OS under fake collection reports until we have this blue stamp !!


Day 1 in the books for reporting those scam collections!


Lets give it a try!

@Cedric what do you think about making the approach a little bit more organized?

We could do something like this:

  • create a read only channel
  • mods + you post the same list of fake collections (and add any additional ones found sent by the community)
  • repeat this process on a regular interval

How frequently do you think we should do this?


count me in! also a reminder every so many days in the cord, will keep the effort going #dailytask


I like your suggestion.
Can we perhaps extend this role to post on the read-only channel to a couple more volunteers, if any ?

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@Cedric yeah! whoever wants to help can get added. If you can just collect those all those names up front that would be very helpful!


I dig this. Count me in team.

Goonz assemble👺 ATTACK THE SCAMS!!! Courtesy of Elian_Flench

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It looks like most of the collections we have been reporting have already been taken down. :crossed_fingers: Fingers crossed OS verifies soon. :pray:


Searching Cryptoongoonz club on OS brings up many more fake collections

Thanks @Elian_Flench . There are many many more. I believe some are created by bots.
So we I don’t think we’ll ever manage to report them all, as they apparently keep spawning. But that’s perfect for us, we want material to flood OS under these spam reports.


Bet Im game to do so


All pages down
Does anyone have anything new?

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we started up a channel in the discord called #report-sea where we’ve been posting new ones!

its been working well so far.

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Yep sax that and reported all of them. Some where already E404 but let’s keep this train steaming!

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Solid proposal. Been hitting them on the easy to follow list on Discord.
Great work!


Doing this as part of my daily “NFT routine” and i allways get a sense of doing something meaningful at the start of the day! Schedule a alarm and get to it folks!


We did it! Huge thanks to @Cedric for leading us on this one.

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