Greedy when others are Fearful

Investing Community funds to buy Cryptoon Goonz and possibly other projects for Community ran giveaways.

Current market conditions are giving us an opportunity to invest in ourselves and projects we like at a discount. I believe its important for use to own some Goonz for community use and if we choose to buy other NFT project we can show that community we support them.

I’m proposing we invest 5eth in buying some Cryptoon Goons and another project for our stash.

Why other Projects?
I believe it could be a great for engagement if we vote on 3-5 project we like as a community and have twitter help us pick what two communities we invest in. while it seems like a cheesy way to acquire engagement it can help us put more eyes on Goonz and get dope rewards for holders in the future.

2 weeks to vote for proposal, 1 week to vote on quantities and 1 week to vote for communities we like.

About me:
I’ve been a holder since November and a active community member.


goood! lets do it, this week or the next is the time to do it


I like the timing of doing this. I think we could use NFT NYC as a good opportunity to mingle with other communities and get a better grasp on other projects we can invest on aswell