Goonz x ComplexCon Proposal

          ComplexCon Proposal

I’m proposing this because a stage like ComplexCon gives the Goonz the opportunity to provide a Goon experience to a larger audience that is most likely not Web3 native. It enables us to show how digital collectibles can have different use cases and how the Goonz are making use of this newer technology to provide new experiences. Getting as many eyeballs for having a unique experience will have folks talking about the brand and the experience, long after the convention is over.

“What’s one way that we can do this Ral?”

I’m glad you asked.

Not only do we “Happy Meal” NFTs for folks to
onboard and educate like we did at Urban Outfitters, we also “Willy Wonka” NFTs. :slight_smile:

The majority of people attending the convention are there for streetwear and sneakers. Most of these folks might have a negative association to NFTs (as scams, Ponzi schemes) or simply don’t care for them. They might not be so inclined to mint a free NFT or even participate to try and win a Goon from the collection. However, we start to overcome this by referring to NFTs as “digital collectibles” and incentivizing these folks in a different way. We give them what they’re there for and we use the Goonz “digital collectible” to do it.

What I’m proposing is that we have limited edition ComplexCon x Goonz digital collectibles like we did in NYC and Bored and Hungry. This time we don’t just simply mint/airdrop free collectibles, we take it a step further. When minting the free collectible, there is a chance to win prizes. Folks who hate or don’t know about NFTs may not be interested in the NFT initially, but could become interested because of the potential of winning a prize. Incentivized by prizes, they might be willing participants to learn how to download a wallet and mint the NFT.

Picture this, I’m a normie at ComplexCon who doesn’t know or care about NFTs. I see the Goonz booth and the art looks sick so I approach it…

“Oh look, you can mint a free “digital collectible” at this booth…ughh not interested because I think it’s like an NFT and those things are dumb and a scam.
“Oh wait, I just noticed that the collectible is a commemorative art piece of the event. That’s kinda cool.
“Oh what?! There are “Golden Tickets” sprinkled throughout the free collectibles. That’s interesting.
“Oh snap! If I mint one that reveals as a “Golden Ticket”, I win a prize?! Shit I gotta have one!

Prizes could be $100-$300 gift cards from local, well known and established sneaker boutiques in LA like RIFLA or Flightclub. Limited edition Goonz apparel as well as a Cryptoon Goonz from the OG collection.

“I neeeeeed this collectible thing!!”

Although the incentives for folks at ComplexCon to mint the free NFT would be different to the folks in Web3, the experience would be the same. The experience of downloading your MetaMask wallet with the intention of getting your first digital collectible. Of minting in hopes of getting something good. The experience of the reveal and the anticipation to see what you pulled. And finally, the experience of getting that rare, golden ticket, that makes you a winner and you come to realize that NFTs aren’t all dumb or a scam.

For those that don’t get the golden ticket, they go home having participated in this unique experience. They tell they’re friends about this dope, up-and-coming apparel brand. About how they met a dope artist whose art they now own digitally. A commemorative art piece that they can keep forever or they can resell it on the secondary market. After all, reselling is part of that culture and it’s a lot of what the folks attending do.

Streewear and sneakers are in the DNA of the Goonz. Having come from Web3, gives us the ability and flexibility to put on unique experience that web2 brands have not. As well as onboard new folks into the community and educate about digital collectibles in ways that other brands don’t have the capability to do.

Would greatly appreciate any and all feedback.
I have and will continue to put forth proposals when I can. Not because I feel I have the best ideas, but because my crazy ideas can stir up better ideas from the team and community.



I like this idea! Should we add some exclusive stuff that only holder’s would be able to win or get access to?


Hell yeah! Some of the perks of being a holder. :handshake:t4:


I’m so hyped by this proposal. Onboarding normies is exactly what the Goonz should be thinking about for an event like this, and is such a worthwhile use of the Stash.

Big fan of the ‘golden ticket’ methodology for prizes. And big fan of at least a portion of the prizes being IRL items/coupons/discounts/tickets/etc. This mimics the IRL feeling of opening a new pack of cards and finding a rare one. This creates a dopamine rush and associates that feeling with Goonz and NFTs.

I recommend this Proposal be approved with a specific ETH and/or Dollar amount tied to it, but without exact details on what prizes are. This makes it easier and faster to approve this proposal. Only after this proposal is approved I would recommend Ral lead the effort to determine exactly what the prizes are, and how many prizes there will be (depending on forecasted attendees and engagement goals).

I believe the stash is around 200 ETH plus some amount of stablecoins that i don’t recall? I would propose using at least $3,000 of stablecoins to pay just for prizes, with the intention of trying to entice at least 300 people to mint. If additional costs are incurred outside of prizes to create the proposed experience, i’d ask the team to help identify what those are.

~bullish Goonz~


Love this, seems like a great way to get new people interested in the brand at CompexCon. Onboarding through Happy Meals (POATs) seems like the ideal, “easy,” way to onboard - especially with prizes / utility coming with the Happy Meal.

woah… who’s willac?

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