Getting High on Your Own Supply

Goonz Stash Proposal: Getting High on Your Own Supply

Are Goonz free right now? Did Goonz become a stablecoin? Why does the Goonz community wallet not own any Goonz?

The Goonz Stash presently owns 48.1 ETH and 5.7 wETH. I propose the following:

  • The Stash shall purchase floor Goonz for =< 0.22 ETH
  • The Stash shall make a collection offer for = 0.2 wETH
  • All Goonz purchased will be sent to Wonky World
  • The total amount of ETH and wETH spent will correlate to the success of the proposal, according to the table below…

What the hell is the community gonna do with its Goonz??

Beyond enjoying their frickin’ time being Wonky, this proposal does not answer that question. The community will need to decide that at a later date, with another community stash proposal.

Note, this is not financial advice, it’s fashion advice. No matter how many banks fail, Goonz apparel will still gonna be the best clothing in the NFT space.

(degen art inspiration from meta slumz and sigh 13)

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depends on what the stash funds are used for right now… but this could be a good play, taking off supply from the market

Hey Goon. I believe 4 stash proposals have passed in Goonz History. 2 were low $ value one time spends. 2 were higher $ spends that went directly to the team to help fund the maximum amount of cool shit the team has and is accomplishing. All of those spends from the stash are complete though, so at present there is nothing the stash is doing, or is committed to doing, as far as I’m aware.

Taking away a little supply at the floor might impact floor price. Selling later may or may not undo any benefit. But personally I’ve got a fuck around, find out attitude, and thought the community could collect some Goon points in the meantime.

Would love to hear any other thoughts you have on the proposal!