Let Your Goon Flag Fly


I propose $3,000 from the Goonz Stash be used to purchase 5 huge flags and 5 banners, which will be owned and shared among the community.

ok… big flags. why?

Huge Goon flags will look awesome! Borrowing the Goonz flag will be a utility only for Cryptoon Goonz NFT holders. Marching in a parade? Summiting a mountain? Hosting a local Goonz meet-up? You can fly that Goonz flag!

Ok maybe cool, but how the hell is the community gonna share 5 flags?

You can read the attached/below diagram, but it’s kinda a lot of words. The key take away is that shipping will be free!

Upon approval of this proposal, the following would be executed:

  • ETH equivalent to $3,000 from the Stash would be sent to the team.

  • Sean would determine the Goonz art for these flags and banners at his discretion

  • Drewbie and team would purchase these 10 items, estimated to cost < $1,500

  • The estimated annual cost of shipping these 10 items 12 times (including international) among holders is < $1,500.

  • The team is responsible for funding the shipment of these items using pre-paid labels for 1 year. The team is not required to keep track of costs along the way. If there are left over funds after purchasing and shipping, they can have a beer on us, the community.

What do the Goonz think?


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I think this is a great idea but I was thinking we should do less than 10 flags for now like 5-7. Keep a a majority in the US and send the rest around the world to international goonz so it’ll be easier for them to mail it around. :slight_smile:

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Love this idea. I have a few thoughts:

  1. i wonder if some kind of case should be used to store the flag for shipping and carrying the flag to your event to ensure better longevity? any thoughts @drewsifsoup?

  2. i do worry a tad bit about the shipping person to person approach. it might be more successful to ship to someone with a pre-paid label to send it back to Goonz HQ already included. And you’re expected to return within X days.

This is a process i’ve experienced when demo-ing a tennis racket from Demo Program - Tennis Warehouse. ordering a demo racket requires a credit card which they will charge late fees to ensure its returned promptly.

Perhaps we can use a trust system but i know life gets busy and having a small penalty is a good motivator.

We could even consider using Shopify for to manage collecting shipping info & managing fulfilment through our ShipStation.

This would then become a scalable system usable for all kinds of Goonz branded items for folks to use at an event. It would also be a neat service we could sell to other communities if it’s successful.

Something to consider!

  1. I’d like @drewsifsoup to weigh in on budgets for shipping and also fulfilment, especially if we do the model i outlined in #2

Thanks tofu! I agree that there’s such a thing as too many items here cause it’ll lose its novelty. But I was envisioning 1 banner be shipped with each flag, therefore my proposal is 5 pairs of items shipped and shared. So each person that wins the opportunity to borrow a flag will also receive a banner. Depending on your event, or wind that day, I’m imagining the different options ensuring success. What do you think? I’ll edit the proposal to make this more clear.

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Ohh I misread it. I think that is a great idea! I was assuming just flags but banners accompanying them is perfect. We can also add on more flags and banners if it shows success