Maintainin' the Stride, Enjoyin' the Ride Proposal πŸš—

πŸš— Maintainin' the Stride, Enjoyin' the Ride Proposal πŸš—


Hey Goonz, we're back with another proposal. This time, it might look a little different from what you're used to. We've made it a bit more flexible so we can adapt to any shifts in our scene and the wider market. Our goal? Maximizing the return on investment from our funds, without being tied down to things that might need tweaking later. We discussed this in more detail during our community call, which you can check out right here:

Link to the community call

Got questions? No worries. The team will be answering any questions during the Goonz Lounge Space, and in Discord voice chat directly after.


  • Marketplace Release
  • Proof of Goon (POG)
  • Web3 Drops fostering enhanced integration between digital and physical Goonz products (not another collection)
  • Goonz World goes multi-chain
  • Apparel and Home Goods

  • New Apparel Collections
  • Maintaining constant inventory in the store
  • Marketing
  • Cut N Sew Collections
  • Unique 1/1 items available for purchase and in the marketplace
  • Retail Locations
  • Wholesale
  • IRL Events

  • Art Basel
  • New York City
  • Miami Store
  • San Diego (ComicCon)
  • We are requesting **~100k (total ETH amount in the stash) plus the 50k** we would have returned from the last proposal. This funding will enable us to continue growing the brand while putting a larger emphasis on our web3 initiatives simultaneously. Our commitment is unwavering and this support will help us not merely sustain, but also expand.

    The Stash has played crucial role in building our community, facilitating community-initiated projects, and ensuring our accountability. As the brand continues to grow, we will explore various opportunities for replenishment.

    Whether you vote in favor or against, the most important thing is that you vote!

    Always Never Give Up,
    Goonz Team :japanese_goblin:

    just playin a little of devil’s advocate here

    im always up for building, and if it needs the cash, i dont have any problem, but after i heard all the audio, i couldnt grasp what is the priorities of the speding of cash, and if there is going to be any tracking accountability to it.

    i think there are a lot of great ideas on this post, but arent we grasping for a lot? while we would be better focusing on single items and doing it step by step?

    if this goes through it eliminates the concept of the stash/dao (whether the funds come back or not)