Goonz Community Call 7/7

Email List ideas

  • add a “5% discount” for signing up to the email

  • spot lighting the community as part of the streetwear focused emails

    • its a great way to entry point people into the community
    • sell the experience …. not the tech / NFT
    • bread crumbing the NFTs with the value you receive
    • CTA to an onboarding experience
  • do major updates through the newsletter

  • is the tool that Cooter’s company uses

  • find ways to get real information out there… history of what we’ve accomplished

  • can repurpose all the content from all the different communications we do to create the newsletter… focus on curation rather than producing new content

  • other slightly unconnected idea: can have Joel or Drew talk about what they are paying attention to in streetwear… curious to follow their style interests

  • topic suggestions from @CooterDoodle for the newsletter

    • Apparel Drop Features (updates on recent drops with photos. Link to the shop.)
    • Events (highlights from major events like NFT NYC)
    • Giveaways or Contests (highlight the box giveaways. Highlight the contests like goonz fly. Links and how to enter/ then next newsletter can embed winner’a video for contest)
    • Team Update (highlight major things going on behind the scenes. I think this is important. Can use teaser photos like we see sometimes on medium articles OR photos the team leaks on their socials)
    • Proposal Updates (highlight when a proposal is written and link to the site to vote. Highlight when a proposal is passed)
    • Community Updates (community board, game nights, etc. link to discord)
  • it would be cool to have it written with a specific voice depending on how the team wants the overall brand. Like the “it’s not fucking merch” vibe

Goonz Popups

  • would be cool to see Goonz have a single location during future events
    • sell clothing
    • central place for goonz to always meet up
    • open to the public so anyone can come and experience the brand
    • really like how adam bomb squad did their pop up during the day
  • there were times at NFT NYC where goonz were trying to find where everyone was via the discord. having a central spot helps people find their way
    • maybe the welcome event the first night focuses on introducing people to eachother
  • could we rent a space out that we do day time stuff in and then turn it into a bar at night?
  • doodles had their public event
  • day time events open to the public… night time events open to the holders. more exclusive

Other Ideas

  • under utilized real estate in web3 is banners…
    • could we do something with them as a part of staking or something
    • maybe people can get them as NFTs
  • from @ApolloDoge at townhall: would be awesome to host contests for people to have their Goonz used in the apparel designs (or other art/designs)
    • idea from @JesseFriedland : maybe we could have a casting pool that Sean can pull from for different designs he’s working on so there’s more flexibility in choices to fit the creative direction

Goonz Stash Framework

  • lets consider pinning the monetary ranges for voter participation to USD rather than ETH
  • also, lets get a proposal written up to outline the desired changes to the framework to improve it going forward; we can use discourse to discuss and get feedback
    • change minimum participation levels
    • consider anything else to increase velocity of proposals & votes