Goonz Community Call 5/19

Uneasy short term feelings
• feeling ansy last week when we didnt have momentum; wasn’t feeling confident going into the portal
• this week feels so much better now
• intimidating sometimes to ask tough questions on a twitter space
• Drew: would love to host feedback calls with the community in a more intimate space like in the discord on some frequency
• Dan: Love everything the Goonz are building for the long term; my main concern is we arent building interest / momentum short term. how can we deliver some quicker wins along side of the longer term vision?

How can we take action using the Goonz Stash?
• writing proposals are intimidating
• could we have templates / examples to work off of?
• maybe we can host a Gooniversity to talk about how to write a proposal

• need to improve education & awareness of the community treasury / proposal system

More brand partnerships & leverage people’s connections
• Could we get Goonz on other things? Backpack boys (cannabis company) getting into web3 and would be good to work with
• how can we give more of a communication channel for goonz to share their connections to help us grow & work with other brands / projects / creators?

Reach people outside of Discord
• could we use Twitter DM chats
• or maybe use Twitter communities? is it available for everyone?
• Actually – what we want to do is create more content to share as a community and become more known

Content Team – moaaaar memes!
• we need to generate more content as a community.
• “Who controls the memes, controls the internet” - Elon Musk
• BK to work with Hemdawg and others in the community to strategize and put together a proposal

Streetwear Strategy
• can we sponsor people to wear Goonz apparel in segments of culture that help spread trendy stuff super fast? maybe skaters, etc.
• would love to see the apparel available to the public along with an exclusive item for the Goon Gang; easier to reach more people

Action Items

  • @bk coordinate folks around starting a content strategy and some short term wins
  • @JesseFriedland look into how we can better organize discussion in the Discord regarding stash ideas
  • @Sengstork plan a Gooniversity to discuss the Goonz Stash proposal system, examples for how to write one, etc.
  • @Sengstork host monthly Goonz Community Focus Group where people can more easily give constructive feedback & openly discuss things with the team
  • @bk setup a new ticket type for Goonz to submit to open up dialog on connections they have for us (possible to gate to Goon Gang only)?