Goonz Tribute / Fan Art Social Media Contest

Waddup Goonz!

I think we all can possibly agree on two things -

1 - More Goonz social media presence the better.
2 - At one point the Art is what brought us here.

I think what could relate to both of these ideas is if we ran a week long fan art contest.

I would love to have the Goonz put out the word and promote a contest where someone makes their own Goonz tribute and or spin on a Cryptoon Goonz. Prize pool would be 10 ETH. ($30,000-ish)

After 7 days, the top 3 posts with the most interactions will go to the finals where for 3 days we have the Goonz Stash vote on a final winner.

1st place - 5 Eth
2nd - 3.5 eth
3rd - 1.5 eth

Submit a Goonz tribute art piece with the tag #GoonzTribute and @cryptoongoonz
Twitter only.
Art work must in some way relate to the Cryptoon Goonz project.
1 like = 1 point
1 retweet = 1.5 points.
Top 3 submissions with most points will go to final stage where Goonz Stash (DAO) votes on the winner.
Deadline ends at XYZ at XX:XX. Hard stop at this point, no late submissions.
If any questions please DM @Mod1 or @Mod2
All submissions and decisions are at will to the Goonz development team. Any posts that are offensive or found to be cheating the system will be disqualified.

I think we need to keep the prize pool high like this to attract top talent and maximize exposure. The ETH reward is also universal and is more attractive rather than other prizes.

By allowing social media engagement to dictate finalists it will get more exposure across twitter and then we enable our community to be self driven by picking the finalists with the DAO.

Example of cool fan art in the past -


by -


EDIT- to fit the proper framework, submitting my Goonz IDs -
1762, 2888, 1899, 4081, 3231, 4555, 3738, 6055, 3791, 2001


Like the idea of how the prize pool could attract some more eyes. Love sending out $/eth for ledgers, but that isn’t going to incentivize too many to participate.


Love the idea will bring a lot of eyes to the goonz

Love this idea @tielahr !! I think this is a great way to get people engaged whether they are a Goon or not. This should be great! Also, we would have to really get the community to promote this in order for it to not only be a few entries. Because, let’s be honest, while it’s a great idea, it requires people to put in effort. Which, to your point, more people would likely join if there is a worthy ETH reward/prize.

To the prize point. I think that the prize should be tied to the community. If someone is doing this to join the Goonz that’s great. If they’re not then are we achieving anything besides eyeballs to the Goonz. More eyeballs are great, however is it worth 5ETH to bring more eyeballs/attention. Attention fades quickly in this space. Therefore, I think maybe a combination of giving the winner X amount of Goonz and a smaller ETH prize achieves both. This way, if they don’t want to be in the community, fine they sell the Goonz immediately. However, if they keep them that’s a win win. Additionally, by rewarding them with Goonz this keeps more of the funds in the Goonz ecosystem. I know that 10ETH or 5ETH may seem like a ETH amount. However, for a contest, which is a one time shot 10% or 5% of the stash is a lot. We would use a significant amount of the Stash after 10 contests if we rewarded a total of 10ETH per contest.

Once again, I LOVE THIS IDEA. Would be great to see the best balance of attention and ETH use efficiency, be maximized while propelling the Goonz.


Bobby, thanks so much for the feedback!

To address your concerns - we are def in alignment here that we should be rewarding with ETH but definitely concerned on the amount as you’d like to keep the eth w/in the goonz ecosystem. Love that idea.

I would like to keep the ETH reward high for 2 reasons -

  1. Larger prize pool is easier to market and eth is universal, you dont need to be a goonz fan to do this, just a dope artist.
  2. I think Goonz have shown the propensity to reward dope art. If we want some of the best talent to take a shot here, we want them to feel incentivized for their time. On top of that, this may attract top artist talent WITH large social media engagement. If an artist with 500K+ followers sees this, s/he can get thier community to help them get top 3. All of this feeding back into more eyes on the Goonz with the @cryptoongoonz attached to their submission.

In the end, I am open to discussing the final prize, those are just the reasons why I believe it should be kept at 10eth prize pool.

Maybe if this gets to next point we can vote on prize pool?

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Great points! I’m with you. Let’s see if this idea can get approved without confirming the ETH amount for the prizes. If not, we should discuss the ETH amount then resubmit/or not, I guess? Is there someone who can tell us if this is possibe?


yeah we can wait on the dev team to interject.

Sounds good to me, more eyes the better

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I just got my apple pencil and ready to draw, so I’m in lol

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Just trying to be devils advocate here: how would we prevent ppl from rigging the votes / buying likes etc?

Also i think we should consider pushing the merch as a price, since thats our second most important “product” :slight_smile:

Depends how they rig votes… only thing I am concerned with is people buying likes… but luckily, all submissions are tied to art… so we can be able to tell if like a stick figure with 100K likes needs to be reviewed by our team.

also, no matter what final 3 make it, final vote comes down to the goon DAO, so we have the final word.

Goonz merch only speaks to those who know of or already own goonz, I want to reach a wider audience. Need to break out of our bubble.

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Definitely like the idea definitely have to take a look at how it’s voted on though. Interaction based we’ll definitely have to look out for boted or bought interaction. But would definitely love to see some more goon art :pray:

agreed! Thats why i added in tidbit of submissions being at will reviewed by our teams so we can double check any fishy.

other than that, the final 3 will be handled by goonz only, no bots.

Also, I want to be 100% clear here. If we learn someone is buying engagement with bot services, that is a DQ… If we learn at any point, even in final vote, we will DQ.

BUT… the end goal here is more social engagement and more art. A worst case scenario here is someone buys likes on a post that is tied to @cryptoongoonz … not the worst thing in the world.

We are empowering artists to make some decent money and showing off their skills and at the same time helping goonz social exposure.

To some extent i disagree that merch only is for holders who know of goonz already. Some of those traits take me straight back to childhood((Super soaker, Marsh-Mellow ++), and caught my eye immediately. Its like stuff i could wear just to vibe.

Just trying to challenge and drive the discussion forward towards the most optimal solution.

oh for sure, I think the merch is eye catching for sure. Not trying to downplay it at all.

But if you run the contest side by side – 1 with an ETH prize, the other with a merch prize… it wont be even close.

I just want it to be properly hyped as we only really get 1 chance at this before it gets overused or not as exciting, I think making a splash is important.

I agree!

And as a side note(Not trying to derail) while I still remember it: What if we could create something similar for the more known artists in the space, like a “celebrity death match” between Doodles/Alien Frens/ Dead Fellas +++ and other “blue chip” communities… that would have been awsome! And the Goon Team could create a Jury with official team members from the other communities.

Love this idea a lot - and it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement. Some alterations to the idea that are worth considering imo are:

  1. As further incentive, offer the opportunity to mint these pieces into a separate collection and give all royalties from those pieces to the artist’s wallet.

  2. If the rewards are that hefty, perhaps extend the deadline over 7 days, 14-21 days seems more reasonable. This will also allow for the contest to gain more traction, and get more talent in potentially.

  3. For the final vote, what if we had the final 3 contestants face off with new pieces as opposed to their original submission?

  4. Depending on reaction, what if we held contests for separate mediums at the same time? ie video art submissions judged against other videos, memes vs memes, typical art vs typical. Could even do (physical art vs physical, digital vs digital)

Just some of my thoughts. Thanks for the submission Tielahr!


Simple yet dope idea!

This creates a lot of attention and eye to the brand and at the same time allow many of us to present our skills AND win eth! Altho, you could drop down the rewards a little bit so you could run several of these contests from time to time, instead of once.

If there’s a way to branch out of art, hopefully we can do something for non-artists as well in the near future.

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Hey all -

Wanted to make basically a Reply all post here, sorry if I dont address your feedback directly, but trust me I am reading these and appreciate the feedback!

First and foremost - it seems MOST like the idea here, I think we can all agree that more social media exposure to our project is best for all AND we love the idea of empowering artists and rewarding them for their art.

The main point of contention seems to be prize pool / prize distribution. While I acknowledge the feedback here I still would very much like to keep the format as I originally proposed it. Mainly for reasoning below -

ETH prize is how we break our bubble. I believe having a universal prize rather than something segmented will help enable those who are unaware of us or are not as inspired by our project to still participate. This goes hand-in-hand with the LARGE prize pool as I want to motivate artists to participate.
We still art rewarding our goonz ecosystem as ALL of the art is tied to our community and our project, giving more exposure to our Goonz project. More eyeballs on our community will result in more people joining the goonz.
In addition, I would like to keep this prize format somewhat simplified as it will be our first endeavor into something like this and simplicity is better for us to run it AND it is easier to digest.

Lastly, something that was brought to me and something important is… how do make sure this lands? If we are going to give away 10eth how do make sure we are getting the most from that. How do we make sure people see this?

Here is how I would answer this thought.

I think it is no secret that at least the opinion or group thought out there is that Social media exposure and social media impact from the goonz project is where we have the most room to grow.

That is part of the reason why I wanted to market it as a 10eth prize pool. That gives people a double take… if its another ledger/apparel/goonz, it stays within our bubble and doesnt get picked up by others.

Of course I would imagine we have the Goonz official account retweet it. other than that? we push our community to blow it up on social media.

there may be an opportunity here where we run a secondary 72hour contest - whichever goonz community member can get the most retweets on a post regarding our contest, they can win a goon. Just something to motivate others to get the word out.

In summary - Official account tweet, spaces, and community mini contest to get the word out.

Something to help, if we could normalize two hashtags that would be great
1 hashtag for art submissions - #GoonzTribute
2nd hashtag for the contest - #GoonzGive
with secondary messaging based around how we support artists and want to empower those who make cool things.

This also is actually perfectly timed with the twitter exposure @Driftershoots is having on twitter right now as he is bashing on those who demand utility from the art he has dedicated his life to

A message that is powerful and has a lot of truth to it.

TLDR - I dont have the perfect answer.

A lot of this is my opinion and a lot of this isn’t the ‘right’ answer. These are my thoughts and of course I am open to whatever you all may suggest. Please keep providing feedback. Thank you all and Dick-nose forever.

UPDATED: potential contest format / rules

15 day contest.
Submit a Goonz tribute art piece with the tag #GoonzTribute and @cryptoongoonz
Twitter only.
Art work must in some way relate to the Cryptoon Goonz project. Up to Goonz team discretion.
1 like = 1 point
1 retweet = 1.5 points.
Top 3 submissions with most points will go to final stage where Goonz Stash (DAO) votes on the winner.
Deadline ends at XYZ at XX:XX. Hard stop at this point, no late submissions.
If any questions please DM @Mod1 or @Mod2
All submissions and decisions are at will to the Goonz development team. Any posts that are offensive or found to be cheating the system will be disqualified.

SUB CONTEST - Goonz Holders only.
Tweet out a post regarding the Goonz Art contest using #GoonzGive.
After 72 hours the post with the most retweets will win 1 Cryptoon Goon.