🗳 Goonz Stash Vision & Proposal Framework

It’s time to become truly community driven. The Goonz Stash is our community treasury. The way for everyone to get involved and see their ideas change the course of Goonz forever.

Our Vision

Cryptoon Goonz is a community-driven lifestyle brand that was formed natively on the internet with the creation of 6969 NFT characters.

Our mission is to bridge the digital and physical worlds, bringing to life the Cryptoon universe through artistic expression in many different mediums.

We will do this by focusing on these different areas:

Areas of Focus

  • The Brand - Create marketing activations, experiences, and consistent IRL presence
  • Partnerships - Work with best in class artists, retailers, studios, platforms, and brands.
  • Product - The highest quality apparel and the dopest pixels. We produce exceptional digital and physical products.
  • Education - Crypto doesn’t need to be a complicated scary world. We aim to educate and share knowledge with everything to do.

As we work to deliver on these priorities, we wanted to share some of our guiding principles. These will inform how we deliver upon these priorities.

Our Principles

  • Transparency & Honesty - Processes and decisions are shared openly with the community
  • Community - We work together. We grow together. We win together. We show respect to everyone.
  • Permissionless action - We pursue ideas by taking small actions and experimenting. Not by waiting for permission.
  • Long Lasting - We want to build a brand that stands the tests time. This means acting responsibly with how we allocate funds. We want to grow our stash long term.

The Process

The best ideas are only as a good as the passion and energy behind them. We want folks who introduce their ideas to drive them to the finish line. Be an advocate.

(1) Introduce your Proposal

The first step is to post your proposal in the forum under the New Proposal Discussion category.

You should provide:

  • reasoning for why you are creating it
  • what benefits it will create

The community should voice their opinions and feedback in the comments. The community should aim to move the conversation forward rather than being endlessly critical. Proposal creators can edit their proposals to update & reflect these conversations.

Proposals should include the following information before moving to the next step:

  • Goonz ID: if you’re a goon holder, specify one of your Goonz’ token ID

  • TL;DR: Give us a 1-2 sentence overview of the proposal. This will help with marketing.

  • Proposal: Lay out your solution / proposal. Explain in the next section the reasoning. Include details on how to execute your idea.

  • Why: why are you creating this proposal? what’s the motivation? Tell a compelling story.

  • Timeline: Any other time expectations go here. Additional info about when will the project kickoff, checkpoint dates along the way, the end goal date, etc. is always better

  • Cost: How much ETH is needed? (any kind of budget required)

:link: New proposal discussion link

:watch: Community feedback & discussion: 1-2 week suggested duration (can be expedited when required)
:white_check_mark: Proposals without any discussion/comments/engagement should not proceed to the next step. You can always engage the community on your proposal in the Discord

(2) Final Proposal & Vote

Once your proposal has the support it’s time to upgrade to a final proposal. The founders will perform this action.

We will do our best to stick to the original vision of the proposal but there are business, legal, and financial implications that need to be considered. This may lead to some adjustments.

Once it’s been created, we will share it widely and begin the voting on Snapshot.

:link: Final proposal discussion link and Snapshot voting link
:watch: Voting Period: 3 days
:white_check_mark: Proposals range in level of effort and cost so we want to set voter participation minimums to reach quorum that ensure we have higher turnout whenever the stakes are bigger

  • Small - 5% min. voter participation (349 / 6969 votes)
    • 0 - $10K USD
  • Large - 10% min. voter participation (697 / 6969 votes)
    • more than $10K USD

Goonz Gatherings

Community is the backbone of what we are building. So we want to encourage our community around the globe to create and host events. There are few words of guidance we have:

  • Be creative. Goonz gatherings come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Bonus points: Your event aligns with bigger streetwear, art, and cultural events.
  • A future Gooniversity will be linked here teaching how to event plan!

See voter participation amounts outlined above

The Funds

The Goonz Stash wallet can be viewed here: Safe

It is currently funded with 2.5% royalty fees from secondary sales.