Goonz Stash Proposal Framework Adjustments

Goon # 4352


To proceed forward with this proposal, we will use this proposal to confirm the new quorum levels.

This means that the vote will become a valid vote if it reaches beyond the 5% quorum that’s stated below.


  1. Confirm eliminating the temperature check and move straight to voting

  2. Confirm adjusting the quorum %'s & the dollar amount levels

    • Old:
      • Small - 15% min. voter participation (1045 / 6969 votes)
        • 0 - 5 ETH
      • Large - 20% min. voter participation (1394 / 6969 votes)
        • more than 5 ETH
    • New:
      • Small - 5% min. voter participation (349 / 6969 votes)
        • 0 - $10k
      • Large - 10% min. voter participation (697 / 6969 votes)
        • more than $10k
  3. Confirm combining the Goonz Gatherings votes into the “small” bucket.


  1. We would like to remove the temperature check step as it extends the process to be twice as long. Requiring this “pre-final vote” step wastes the marketing push for votes on validating if people care about the proposal.

    • If folks are passionate about keeping this step, alternatively I would propose we reduce the quorum to be 1% for temperature checks.
  2. The goal is to make adjustments to move more quickly on proposals we have as a community. The process is currently too cumbersome. And the quorum levels are the biggest offenders of sluggish progress.

    • We attempted to pass a vote prior to NFT NYC to execute an OOH Advertising campaign for Urban Outfitters. The vote received 13.3% voter participation which fell short of the required 20%.

    • However, the vote had overwhelming support with 910 votes in favor and 18 against. The recommended new quorum %'s are to help avoid these situations as not everyone in the Goon Gang is actively participating.

    • Also, we’d like to switch to $USD proposal cost tiers to avoid the fluctuations of $ETH. The idea that 1 eth = 1 eth works until a proposal requires USD to be spent for a guerrilla marketing campaign at NFT NYC :slight_smile:

  3. We’ll move the Goonz Gatherings into the “small” cost tier since the quorum will now be the same.


None. This is a change to the overall framework.


Affective immediately

Current framework: 🗳 Goonz Stash Vision & Proposal Framework