Goonz Your IP : Making it easy for Goonz to use their IP

Every good Web3 NFT project wants holders to use their IP. As holders develop brands, products, and services around the IP the collection becomes stronger. The main issue with this is that most IP was generated randomly without specific products or services in mind. To aid holders in using their IP a bank of traits will be developed that are industry specific ie. Tattoo gun, barber scissors, hamburger head, taco head, spatula hand, yoga mat, pot leaf hands, security tactical gear , podcast microphone etc… if a holder has a specific business they can submit trait requests. Holders can then customize their current Goon or burn their Goon completely for a new 1:1 this keeps the collection from becoming diluted. This can be one of the Goonz world’s that you can send your Goonz to but you customize the Goon and it may never come back the same! Marketing World ! This world might have an entry fee this can be a way to spend the future accrued portal time.

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