Exclusive Merch Drops

So I had this idea after I missed out on the first Sunflower-themed apparel drop in March. I am a holder of a flower head goon myself so I was disappointed when I wasn’t able to pick up the matching hoodie.

The idea I had was to have limited drops in the shop, where they are specific trait themed like the flower head, but in order to access that drop, you must be a holder of a Goon with the trait. (from a tech standpoint could this be possible to do when you connect a wallet and it reads the tokens?)

We hear all the time “My forever Goon” and I am sure many of us have that 1 Goon where we couldn’t fathom selling it. I think this could be another way to build stronger connections between holders and their Goonz. With more people finding that forever Goon, I can see this discouraging selling short-term, strengthening the overall project holder base. We should see fewer “paper hands” and more people buying Goonz for their unique traits and their love for the art.

When I first got into the project I just bought off the floor. No specific reason why I chose the Goon other than the fact it was the cheapest available. I know a lot of people do this when they first start and doesn’t always fit the profile of what all projects are going for, long-term holders. With exclusive trait-themed merch drops, I think we would see more people buying a Goon for stronger reasons than just monetary.

My next thought was how would this impact the market? I guess we wouldn’t truly know unless it was actually implemented but I think it will be overwhelmingly positive amongst the community and people on the outside looking in. This just gives them another benefit of buying and holding a Goon they truly connect with.
I also looked at what happened post Sean’s comments about the portal gun. It was a really dope trait, to begin with, and now it’s currently sitting at a 1 eth floor on 4.7.22. It hasn’t seemed to go completely nuclear where its become unobtainable to everyone so I don’t think we would see any absurd actions in the market. I’m sure we will see spikes of traits when their specific drop is in the shop but nothing I can see hurting the overall project.

I understand this would be difficult from a production standpoint being the project has sooo many unique traits but I know the community would appreciate something like this.

At the end of the day, I’m looking at this from a standpoint to help further strengthen an already strong holder base and potentially draw in new members to the community. I don’t know if any other project is doing something like this but just thinking how cool it would be to see someone rocking a limited Zombie Goon hoodie and then you know they hold a zombie Goon. The ultimate flex.


love it. we actually do have the capability to do this already :slight_smile: . We wanted to smooth out the normal drops first before getting adventurous.

One thing you mentioned that sparked a new idea though for me: people are more likely to really want apparel that matches their forever goon. So perhaps sometimes we could give early access to the trait holders to make sure they get a chance at the items.

As well as do exclusive drops that only owners of a specific trait can access. The exclusive ones a little trickier because its hard to tell how many units to produce sometimes. but @drewsifsoup is the expert there so I’ll let him speak to that.



Early access would def be another nice benefit to holders.
As for the units, I figured it could be tough. An idea to help solve that could be what BBB did for Lonzo’s shoes a few years back. For those who didn’t follow that, I believe they put the shoe out for presale and people bought the item but had to wait a few months to actually get the shoes because they only manufactured the number that was ordered. This could help keep costs more controlled so you don’t make too many or too few.

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First of all totally love the idea with the “forever Goonz” definitely got one of those and the gated/early access is a neat idea.

And to the BBB idea that’s actually how the first goon drop was done. Order first, production second. But I think the team decided against this right now. First it would mean people would need to wait incredibly long for their product and the production first, order second model allows for easier marketing at least how I understood (phot shoots, campaigns all that stuff) not sure though. But I’m sure Drew and his team put some thought into why they switched it up for the second drop

Love the idea of specific trait owners getting early access, don’t love the idea of making them completely exclusive to those owners just because I don’t know if that’s feasible for us as a streetwear brand to be making 50-100 pieces for just those owners

the BBB way is definitely not ideal for large drops if you are trying to reach large numbers and move large amounts. Its more of a niche process that can be used at times you are trying to control cost or selling something to what you know will be a limited number. I assumed they switched up originally because they saw the demand was so high for the drops. Wouldn’t want to see the team switch back the whole process but maybe sprinkle it in for more limited offerings. I wouldn’t mind waiting for a sick exclusive lol

We already do something similar for the live events like Miami. Exclusive apparel for the event that couldn’t be more than a few hundred ever created.

That’s true but these trait drops are supposed to be monthly as opposed to live events there not as frequent but if drew can make it happen I’m all for it

And by no means am I recommending this as a replacement to what currently is going on but more as an addition to each month’s drop.

This is something I’m super excited to do! We have some plans for these types of items in the fall. Do you think people would be more hyped if it was limited, or if was pre-sale and everyone with the trait could get it, but obviously longer delivery times?


Thats a great question. I don’t want to necessarily limit everyone’s ability to rep Goonz merch for a specific trait but I also think it could be a good idea to reward holders of a specific trait. I think this enhances the bond between holders and their NFTs. So what i was thinking is doing the limited drops for traits as you guys have planned but also adding an additional item in the shop thats only accessible to holders of that trait drop. Maybe a special Tshirt design or hoodie. I’d just love to be able to rep something that will directly express what kind of Goon I hold. And i could go and do a custom for one of my Goonz somewhere else but I think the idea of doing it through you guys and connecting Goon holders with similar traits together would be a cool idea.

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