Ufc 277 dallas texas goon gathering

Hey everybody, I am proposing a GOONZ GATHERING in one of the art districts of Dallas, Texas before UFC 277 (also in Dallas) on July 30th.

I know a couple of Goonz in Texas and I’m sure more will be traveling into town for the event, I’m proposing this so that we as the community can continue to identify with the brand IRL and foster connections with other community members. It will increase brand awareness through our public display of the event, location pending and will really just provide another piece of utility to anyone who decides to show up and fellowship!

ALSO!!! We have a decent line of communication to the TOP UFC Gym in Dallas, I am confident that we could get some awesome athletes to make an appearance and potentially onboard them to the community!

  • Goonz ID: Currently in WONKY WORLD but Goon #5631

  • Why: As mentioned above, it would be an OUTSTANDING way for us to connect with Goonz already in Texas and anyone flying in for the UFC event. I would really just enjoy the opportunity to meet, fellowship and network with my fellow Goonz!

  • Proposal: A portion of this depends on the headcount but we could rent out a location and serve alcohol or food before the ufc event and then have a watch party into the evening. We could host a local band, giveaways and anything else the Goonz enjoy. BRING A FRIEND! An AWESOME opportunity for us to onboard others into the community, make them aware of the brand and web3 as a whole! Ideally we could checkout one of Dallas’s many districts and find a location that really aligns with our values!

  • Timeline: The weekend of July 30th, 2022

  • Cost: This is also headcount pending… with a small enough group I could host a bbq at my place… that would be free… if the group expands we could do an Airbnb or even potentially rent out a venue… if we incorporated giveaways that could add to the cost… essentially suggesting we could go barebones and (almost) free… or extravagant and REALLY show everyone a goon time!