Goonz Film Festival

Proposal Title: Goonz Film Festival

Goonz ID: #1384 is my first Goon and #2991 is the most favored Goonz in my ledger


I believe strongly that there are stories to be told in the Goonavese. These characters need to be brought to life. I also believe that the art created by Sean has attracted a creative and diverse group of holders. This is clear based on the backstories created during the contest and the interactions we have in our Discord. Holding a Goonz film festival gives the Goonz something to meet up about, and us Goonz need to meet up as much as possible. It also creates new art from the original collection. Having these short films in existence gives us avenues to expose more people to the Goonz brand!


  1. Hold a competition where people write screenplays for a short Goonz film. Characters should not be a specific Goon but a new Goon who can assume any of the attributes. Judges should be independent and hold credentials in the field.

  2. 3-5 winners will be selected and the films will be created. (prizes in form of ETH or Goonz NFT’s) Each film will be given a small budget for promotion! Each film will have a garment created in representation of the film. This will create an exclusive film festival clothing drop. These films will be co-owned by the holder who wrote the script and Goonz.

  3. An IRL and Metaverse streamed Film Festival will be held for the premier of the films. This will be a full red carpet event so the Goonz Film festival collection can be donned by all!!

  4. After event voting by holders will take place! The wining film will be extended into a 22 min pilot and given a promotion budget for wider distribution and exposure.


Lets rock n Roll and premier during NYS NFT !! Or maybe NYS NFT 2023
I need input from people that know more than me about the time it would take to produce 5-10 minutes short films before having a set timeline. Time should be given for people to write thoughtful scripts.


Need input from people that know more than me about the cost to produce 5-10 minutes short films.

If it is not that expensive it would be nice to have more than 5 winners to have their films produced for entry into the contest.

Renting a theater to have the festival should be inexpensive

Promotion budgets and prize money can vary based on what we