Goonz Community Call 10/26

Ral’s Complex Con Proposal

  • golden ticket experience when minting our free NFT at Complex Con… give immediate rewards and value to people who might be skeptical about NFTs.
    • try to use friendly language like “digital collectibles”
  • focus on prizes that will land immediately with a typical Complex Con attendee
    • streetwear / sneaker boutiques in LA
    • @legume - maybe we could give away drink tickets because people at IRL events like this are usually having drinks. and it would be great to associate our brand with the “life of the party” and seen as super fun
  • @drewsifsoup - inside baseball, we’re working on the tech for this idea already with IYK.
  • lets align ourselves with cool things and other fashionable brands by using the prizes
  • @leeobNFT - will there be help to onboard people to create their first wallet?
    • yes, we’ll have seed phrase cards for people to create their first wallet and someone to help people get started
    • also, people can put their email in to be able to mint it later at home. the email they receive will have an onboarding packet

Goonz Event Proposal

  • discussing this proposal from the team Always Never Give Up Proposal
  • a good amount of support in favor of this, happy to see the stash funds put to use
  • feedback from @Kiaa and @mrsnowy – fully support but how can we make sure we’re replenishing the Stash as part of these proposals? what if some of the apparel sales or any $ left over gets put back in?
  • @drewsifsoup - i want to be mindful of doing % of sales based things to not reveal too much of the secret sauce
    • what if 50% of the secondary royalties go into the Stash instead of doing % of sales?
  • @drewsifsoup - thats an amazing idea. lets do that but to really show we’re committed to giving back, lets do 100% until the events are over
  • @JesseFriedland i love this also because a lot of times there are big upfront costs for operating these and this is a great way to mitigate some of that while replenishing the stash