Always Never Give Up Proposal

GOON ID: #6231

TLDR: We are looking to continue to grow our brand awareness at both Web2 and Web3 events. As part of this initiative, the team is seeking community assistance in ending the year with a bang.

It’s been a crazy year, possibly the best of our lives. Goonz are here to stay, bear or bull. We are in the trenches daily working for and with you all to show that we are to be added to the list of blue chips. It’s hard to believe the tight community and culture we’ve cultivated in this short year.

The next big step we take as a collective is growing brand awareness. As a company, the most valuable thing we can do is grow our brand. The larger our reach, the more desirable the assets within our ecosystem become, physical or digital.

We’re going to finish this year strong - Let’s get into it.

End of Year Schedule & Details

  • NFT London - Community Event / Brand Awareness (Nov. 3)
    Estimated cost - $9,000 USD

A one-day community event with our friends Kreepy Club and Spanky World. This event will be held to give our holders and friends a place to link up during NFT London and finally get your hands on some exclusive IRL only gear!

  • ComplexCon - Brand Awareness (Nov 19 & 20)
    Estimated cost - $120,000 USD

ComplexCon is a 2-day staple event in the streetwear industry, and we are honored to be able to take part. Our goal is to welcome a new demographic into the Goon World. One that is deeply loyal and always looking for the next emerging brand to be “early on”.

We will have an insane booth, apparel, live minted NFT, and much more. Stay tuned on that.

  • DesignerCon - Brand Awareness (Nov 18 – 20)
    Estimated cost - $65,000 USD

Our new homies at DesignerCon invited us and we couldn’t say no. This will be a 3-day event that comes with great brand exposure. DCON is a collectibles-focused event branching into Web3.

We are excited to be in the same section as VeeFriends and to see our homies Honkey Kong and Junkyard while we’re there.

  • Art Basel Miami - Community Event / Brand Awareness (Dec 1, TBD)
    Estimated Cost - $55,000

We will be doing 1, possibly 3 events during Art Basel. It will be a great time for the community to come together and show our presence at one of the largest American Art events of the year.

We had an amazing time last year meeting Gary Vee shortly after minting out, and we’re excited to come back bigger.

Total Estimated Cost: $249,000 USD

These costs include cost of apparel, marketing, production, additional event staff, hotels, flights, gifting bags, holders exclusives, venue Rentals, etc.

Growing a brand is expensive, so we’re asking for help from the community to continue our mission:

Do cool sh*t with cool people.


Our estimated total cost is: $249,000 USD

The team is requesting a total of $30,000 USD (whatever the ETH equivalent on day of decision) from the Stash. The rest of the cost will be covered the by team.

In addition, a fantastic idea that was brought up during our community call on Wednesday (10/26):

The team will allocate 100% of secondary royalties to the Goonz Stash, from the date of decision to the week after the events conclude (12/10/22).

The funds from the Stash will support the exciting initiatives we have planned for the events to create more brand awareness.

Goonz were many of yours’ first NFT. Think back to the feeling of first unearthing Sean’s art.

We will continue to bring this experience to you and others.

We are stoked to continue growing the Goon Gang alongside you all.

Sean came up with a new fun saying we all like: Always never give up.