Can't Stop, Won't Stop Proposal 🏁

Goon ID: 6231


The team is requesting assistance from the community to kick into full gear for the first half of 2023.

We are also proposing a new Stash replenishment strategy to ensure the community treasury stays healthy.


We’re nearing the end of 2022. In our last proposal, we said we wanted to end the year with a bang.

Thanks to the Goon Gang’s help, we can confidently say we executed on the four objectives we set out for the end of the year:

  • NFT London
  • ComplexCon
  • DesignerCon
  • Art Basel

The position we now find ourselves in as a result is beyond what we had expected. And it would not have been possible without the brand awareness and network building opportunities provided by the Always Never Give Up Proposal.

We will continue to provide value by expanding Goonz IP and brand awareness through partnerships with Web2 and Web3 brands. Our top priority as a team is to work with partners that align with our core values.

Beyond this, we will develop and execute innovative tech created by our team and in collaboration with other partners. This enables us to get more of Sean’s art into the world and continue to merge our physical and digital worlds, something we truly started in partnership with IYK.

As I always say – The larger our reach, the more desirable the assets within our ecosystem become, physical or digital.

The most exciting part: we have no plans to let up in 2023, so let’s get into it.

2023 Q1/Q2 Plans

Community, Brand Awareness, IRL Events:

The Goonz are on their way to becoming a household name within the NFT space. While networking at Art Basel our favorite things to hear were, “We saw you at ComplexCon and it’s really cool what y’all are doing for the space” and “It seems like Goonz have been everywhere!”.

We take pride in moving the needle forward at marquee events and knowing we’re accomplishing our real goal: to be everywhere. There are two reasons we do this:

  1. To bring value to holders.
  • There is nothing we love more than being able to curate a space for Goonz to gather. Bringing together other projects and ourselves is always an incredible time. Like-minded individuals from an array of backgrounds join together over what bonds us in Web3. And of course, we always love lacing everyone up with exclusive gear and seeing how hyped the Goonz, who can’t make it to the events, get when receiving the exclusive items in Goon Friday boxes.
  1. To be seen everywhere IRL and on the internet
  • Due to our ability to execute events internally at an extremely high level, we have opened doors to long-term partnerships with Web2 and Web3 companies. Providing a physical space for partners and investors to come to and feel immersed in Goonz Culture is essential.

As such, we are targeting the following events for the first half of the year:

  • NFT Paris - Community Meetup & Guerilla Marketing
    Estimated cost - $5,000 USD

When we say we want our presence felt everywhere, we mean it. There are times when being at a smaller event than one with thousands of others brings more value to the brand. This is one of them.

As a team, we have large projects we will be delivering on during this period, so the team will not be present in person. However, we are looking to partner with brands that are or work with holders to execute guerilla marketing campaigns and a meetup.

  • ETH Denver - Meetup in collaboration w/ Web3 Partners & Marketing
    Estimated cost - $10,000 USD

The biggest movers and shakers will be present at ETH Denver – a great time to network and meet with potential partners face to face.

  • NFT LA - Activations & Meetups w/ Web3 Partners
    Estimated cost - $80,000 USD

We have been waiting for this one since we did not make it last year. Stoked to vibe with our West Coast Goonz and everyone that makes the trip out. We will be doing an exciting mix of events. Some of the things this will include:

  • 1-2 Goonz Activations in collaboration w/ Web3 partners

  • 1-2 NFT Meetups in collaboration w/ Web3 partners

    • Workshops
    • Holders’ Bags (pack light if you’re traveling)
    • Food n Drank
    • Soccer
    • Disc Golf
    • Exclusive Apparel Collaborations with our friends
    Estimated cost - $100,000 USD

After speaking with members of the community, we have decided to pivot from the official April date and go rogue. Shoutout to Betty and other projects doing this to help keep the traditional June dates.

This is why Web3 is awesome, we have the power to create whatever we want by banding together. Still working on the details, keeping in mind our tighter budget compared to 2021.

  • 1-2 Goonz Activations in collaboration with Web3 partners
    • On-Site Apparel Customization
    • Holders’ Bags (pack light if you’re traveling)
    • Food n Drank
    • Soccer
    • NYC Scavenger Hunt
    • New Exclusive Drops

Web3 Products & Drops
Estimated cost - $100,000 USD

  • Earning

It’s about time you start seeing what’s good with all that Portal Time you’ve been accumulating.

  • Goonz Raffles & Goonz Marketplace

Time to use all that time you’ve been stacking for f*ckin’ sick stuff.

  • [REDACTED] collaboration Drop w/ two separate Web2.5 companies

  • Non-dilutive collaboration with Web2.5 brands

  • [REDACTED] collaboration drop with NFT project

We’re teaming up with an amazing partner to drop new and innovative non-dilutive pieces.

  • Physical Product Airdrop

Our first holders airdrop that will be redeemable for physical goods.

Get your passports ready.

Apparel & Home Goods Collection
Estimated cost- $135,000 USD

  • [REDACTED] collaborations with Web3 projects
  • [REDACTED] collaborations with Web2.5 brands
  • Cut n Sew Items
  • Home Goods
  • First Goonz Toy!
  • Pop Up Shops

Goonz Cartoon
Estimated cost- $45,000 USD

We have been in conversations with Justin Shenkarow, co-founder of Studio Three Point Zero for almost a year and feel the brand is now ready to pursue this with a proper chance of success.

We will be working with the studio and our community to create a Goonz TV show storyline and “pitch bible”. The Goonz team, Three Point Zero, and other friends will be pitching to Networks, VCs, and Brands.

After getting wise advice we adjusted from our original plan of creating a Pilot to start. This cuts our costs down from 160K and gives a greater chance of being picked up.

Although we cannot know for certain it will be picked up, we’re confident Justin and co. are the perfect team to successfully build this out.

CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP PROPOSAL :checkered_flag:

The team is requesting a total of $100,000 USD, whatever the ETH equivalent on day of decision, from the Stash with $50,000 minimum guaranteed returned by July 15 (7/15/2022). The remaining costs for the above initiatives will be covered by the team.

We are also proposing a new Stash Replenishment strategy with the goal of returning 40-50% of the investment back. Last proposal we received $30,000 and returned ~20%. Many of these funds will be going towards long-term goals that we may not see immediate fiscal returns on but will pay in spades for the brand’s growth. Here’s how it works:

  • 10% of physical goods sales returned to stash
  • 5% of cartoon’s signing deal returned to stash if it gets funded
  • Strategic Changing of Creator Fee Allocation
    • We will be adjusting allocating 100% of royalties back to the Stash during Web3 launches and marketing campaigns.

It’s time to introduce the Goonz to the world at large.

As you hear the Goonz say often… can’t stop, won’t stop :checkered_flag: