Daily "Alpha" newsletter

So, as i remember way back, i belive dirte was creating a summary of the most noteworthy events of the day in terms of mints/projects/WL etc.
Also i’m seeing Dippies doing something similar with their “Alpa Report of the day” - example below:
12th April
A big day @here for the Gary fans! Market still kinda slow with lots of degen plays topping the charts.
What’s minting today?
VeeFriends 2
Remember Me
Chibi Friends

What we apeing?
Forest Spirits(reveal)
Premint(shooting up to 1eth?)
Kreepy Club(big retrace from the top)
VaynerSportsPass(free mint announcement)

My suggestion: Use some of the goon stash to compensate somebody who wants and loves too make such alpha research and create a daily report for the GoonGang.

We could potentially create a separate alpha fund, where some of the Profit goes back into the fund to pay for the effort that resulted in those calls etc.