Goonz Scholarship & Campus marketing

Goonz Scholarship

Goonz have graduated after taking their class pics and moved on to college!

This is a proposal to create a Goonz Scholarship program!

Art, Engineering, computer science, business marketing…!

5 X $ 2,000 Scholarships

Goonz vote on top entries and award the scholarships!

Getting the Goon word out !

To get the word out about our scholarship program we find top party colleges and do some old fashioned Goonrilla marketing !

Goonz hire Goonz!

Since the team is busy with big events its time to hire some Goonz. If you are a holder and live in one of the identified areas apply to be the spokesperson for that area!

SpokesGoon job description!

Engage students and people interested in continuing their education to apply for the Goonz scholarship.

Part of this process is minting a free Goonz Original College Goon NFT designed by Sean. Collection to be set by number of applicants.

SpokesGoonz will assist applicants in setting up a crypto wallet and securing their seed phase on CryptoonGoonz stationary. Then walk them through the process of claiming their College Goonz Original NFT. The claim process releases an application associated with that NFT and emails them the application. The claim process will also capture the applicants address for future promotions.

The ideal candidate for this job is any Goon who can spend time onboarding prospective students into Web3.

Spokesgoonz will be given a few fly Goonz outfits to use during marketing in addition to
promotional materials such as stickers, pins, patchers, hats, tees etc to give out while engaging people. Its like passing out flyers except the web3 version in 2023!

Spokesgoonz will be paid based on the number of applicants they get to mint the College Goonz NFT and then a bonus for any completed applications. A limit per Spokesgoon will be set to cap the amount of payment they can be compensated but they may choose to continue to find new applicants in an effort to get bonuses for completed applications. Completed application bonus will be awarded based on the number of completed applications and the pre determined budget.
Spokesgoonz will be given business cards customized with their Goon that have a 20% off promo code on them. The card will direct people to the Cryptoongoonz store home page. When this code is used the Spokesgoon receives % of the sale.

What is needed!

10k for awards
Cost of promotional materials to be supplied to spokesgoonz.
Cost to pay spokesgoonz. What is an email worth?

Sean to design apparel for the promotional college collection
Sean to create the College Goons Original NFT
Sean to create design for posters, stickers, seed phrase stationary, and info graphics explaining the scholarship.

Community created application and rubric to judge applications!

Hire Spokesgoonz!

How this Fits the CryptoonGoonz brand

Onboarding people into Web3
Fostering eduction in Web3
Crossing over from crypto world to IRL
Getting the crypto out of the toOn Goonz

Time to go to college Goonz !

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Going to be no for me right now and here is why.

After the ANGU proposal the stash will be depleted to roughly 60k and even after receiving the 50k guarantee from the team, this proposal would be asking for almost 10% of the remaining stash and that is even before the team potentially asking for funds for Q3/Q4 next year.

I can’t justify spending that % of the stash during this bear market and the uncertainty this upcoming year.


Agree with jansenn here. Very thoughtful idea to offer scholarships but is currently not feasible imo.

What if the scholarships were much lower. Like $500-$1500. ? We give out $500 scholarships and high school graduations so those are still significant. I believe the exposure and creation of Goonz spokes people will lead to a net positive in sales of our physical goods and exposure to different markets not just crypto Web3 communities.

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