We “Happy Meal” NFTs

we “Happy Meal” NFTs.

What does “happy meal” NFTs mean and what’s the purpose?

The purpose is to bridge the digital and the physical world, which happens to be the mission of the goonz and something that can be done in couple different ways.

My cousin (who wasn’t into NFTs and had no idea what it was) received 2 free NFTs recently. One from a Dallas Mavericks basketball game he attended and the other from buying a movie ticket online to watch the recent Batman movie. That’s when I realized that mass adoption of NFTs is not going to come from twitter or discords. It’s going to happen when mega companies start giving them away much like a toy in a happy meal. A collectible that may or may not carry utility.

How can the Goonz give out free NFTs?

Around the time of the Super Bowl, Sean dropped some dope art of two goonz chilling on the couch. One with a ram head and one with a bengal head. Quite frankly it was super sick art and I was hoping to some how be able to get an nft of it. Well now we can and it can serve a multitude of functions. The super bowl garners the most eye balls, it’s an event. Imagine a “Goonz Event” twitter/IG post of this art with the caption “goonz, check your wallets” Goonz holders receive this airdrop and we blow it up all over social. This is important because the art itself transcends web3 and into the mainstream consciousness because it’s dope art of football and the teams playing in the Super Bowl.

Now let’s push this further. What if we tie this “Goonz event” to an apparel drop in which we announce on all socials that for a limited time only, this collectible/nft can be attained with the purchase of the apparel that’s dropping, tied the this “Goonz event”. “Goonz events” can be tied to events or holidays happening IRL that garner a lot of attention like the Super Bowl, Halloween, Christmas etc.

I have friends that don’t own goonz and don’t know much about NFTs that on this last apparel drop, purchased shorts, beanies, stickers and coasters because they really like the art. Now imagine being able to provide them their first “digital collectible”/NFT as well. Something they can post on their own socials to further push the brand and the art. That provides the possibility of a big fan that consistently buys apparel or better yet , it provides the possibility of onboarding a future goon holder.

Well how do we onboard future potential goon holders? Through the prestiges Gooniversity! On the same site where they purchased the dope apparel we can have a link to Gooniversity that has the videos on how to claim the nft, how to get a digital wallet, wallet security, and about secondary markets like OpenSea and what digital ownership allows them to do with their NFT.

My proposal is that we start giving away NFTs.

A free nft gives the goonz an opportunity to check off all the areas of focus.

The Brand:

Sean’s art is at the heart of the goonz and makes the brand great. Being able to give out NFTs and tie them with events, pushes awareness for his art and the brand far past the blockchain to the masses.


“Goonz Events” creates the opportunity to collab with projects in web3 as well as brands and companies outside of it.


Apparel continuously sells out because of the quality and the art on it. For folks in web2 that have negative associations with NFTs, this is how we onboard. They come for the cool art and threads and receive a collectible (nft) for free with no strings or scams attached.


This provides the goonz the opportunity to bridge the digital and the physical worlds by onboarding and educating fans of the art and apparel. Introducing them to the community and the discord.


If we wanted to push this even further…

What if we add utility to the art nft that holders get airdropped during these “Goon Events”…

What if we can burn this art nft to redeem it for a shirt of the same art? What if I can burn it to redeem for a hat from the Supermint LA irl event that I couldn’t attend. That can potentially add more value to the goon event airdrop as well as a potential for secondary sales. If I know I want this art as an nft but also want it on a shirt, then I’m going to go and buy another on the secondary market to burn to redeem it for the shirt. Could create another stream of revenue in secondary sales of this art. Of course this additional perk would only be offered to goonz holders. If for example my cousin received it for free with his apparel purchase, he can’t burn it to redeem it. He could only sale it on the secondary market or continue to collect it. Concluding, I believe this also maintains the integrity and non-diluted nature of the original collection.


I love these ideas and where your heads at! I think this will be one of the best was to onboard new people into the space snd show actual use cases for NFTs. Thank you for taking the time to write this all out and this exactly why we created the stash! I cant wait to see other peoples comments and ideas on this subject.


These are all great ideas and especially with our new formed partnership with UO we can on board new comers into this space and is something most projects haven’t done or haven’t been able to accomplish, this will add to our endless accolades of “first times” in this space. Amazing detailed proposal.


Great suggestion Ral!

I won’t be able to share in the Twitter spaces today but wanted to just chime in quickly. I love the idea of the ‘Happy Meal’ NFT as a catalyst for exposure. It is effectively free marketing (less the cost of Sean’s time to make it, hah sorry Sean). The added idea of pairing it with an event, like an apparel release is also brilliant. However, I propose that instead of making the NFT a gifted reward for purchasing the apparel; instead, we give the NFT upfront away for free. (NFT or POAP, whatever works best)

This freebie is claimable or giftable to any non Goonz Holder who is interested in buying merch (or just owning their first NFT). This free NFT will then come with time sensitive, event-only utility of 10, 15 or 20% off purchases in the shop for the current drop. This discount would be less than offered to Goonz holders, but also not the public full price either.

This way, with every new drop, we can gift the corresponding free NFT to influencers or any user who interact on socials or inquires about apparel. Make a post to drop an address or even something to interact with to claim a free discount code NFT.

This works twofold, interested parties would then need to create a web3 wallet if they didn’t have one to get the NFT with the discount utility. Secondly, if you bought and love the merch with the NFT discount, why not buy a floor goon and get an even greater discount for every future drop.

To sum up, instead of making the free NFT/POAP a reward (which presents the barrier of making a purchase) or instead of a burnable NFT for merch, which is expensive for the team. Why not give them away on mass for free to all new interested parties? The small discount utility is negligible compared to the the value of bringing in new customers.


I love the idea of using POAPS around Goonz drops and IRL events. The POAPS can have different powers for holders than for people who do not hold Goonz. I would also like to get a POAP for Goonz miles stones form the past but im not sure how to verify. ie. an I minted for .04 during the presale POAP. or I was in the discord on V day when we sold out.