Hire social media manager and community building experts

Hire social media manager and community building people. I know very experienced professionals that do this. It will cost something like 2.5eth a week. I feel like we are focusing on stuff that is not creating a demand for the project and know for a fact that we are loosing a good deal of our original community members who feel unrewarded. We need to win and play to win and be well rounded and not ignore short term stuff and essential stuff. The guys I know also can also get us collabs and wl spots in all the biggest projects and can work to get us serious big money holders they know like bayc holders kaiju Few ect…The best way we win is by community building and having a good floor. The money we invest should return even more money and be very rewarding for all holders.


I think hiring a community manager for 250k a year in a bear market where every established project is down is a wildly irresponsible move.


I’m not sure if hiring someone for 2.5eth a week is sustainable and who are you friends and how would getting them on board get us serious big money holders? Which big projects are these that your friends could get collabs/ML spots for?

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I echo the same sentiments about the budget; I would like to see the plan executed but at a lower rate, as there is no guarantee of success.

I agree with the overall point, however. Sometimes it feels like Goonz are on their own island within the space.

The team-held spaces, execution, and professionalism are on the same level as higher-tier projects, which I love.

But, I do think there are missed opportunities for social engagement within the NFT community that pop up and are gone in a flash that Goonz are not capitalizing on. Someone in a role such as Moe describes can hit on these moments, add additional value to the team, while boosting the profile of the project.

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I have no idea how much a good social media team would cost so i cannot really comment on the price but what i will say is that i feel Moe is trying to achieve something different for us Goonz and i really feel that our marketing needs addressing to gain more eyes on the project. I believe in the goonz team and i am sure running this project is not as easy as everyone thinks.
Maybe we could try and push marketing but do it on a month to month basis to see if we see if we can gain more eyes and if it starts bringing nee holders and volume then we continue to invest in a team for marketing. I know Jesse said that in NYC NFT they will be pushing the marketing and is hoping to get more eyes on the project but i feel now its time we start getting some results especially with activity so low.
Also i just want to say i respect everyone and there opinion and this only comes from the heart. Just need results otherwise unfortunately we will continue to lose good community memebers

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The price depends on scope and what we would like them to do. Its two of them and they would need to work with and pay other people. They are worth talking to and seeing what they have to say and what they can do for goonz. Trying to figure out the best way to get them and some of the goonz and team together for a conversation. Obviously we wouldnt invest anything or pay them if the plan wasnt good or worth it and didnt seem like it would bring in more money and rewards than it cost. The gameplan would be to make us as big as the biggest projects in the nft space and win. Fill in gaps where we can use the most help and freeing up team to focus on not so many things.


What is 2 eth a week if we it back 10 fold in royalties from after sales market and we have a floor that is awesome? I’m not talking about hiring my drinking buddies or unemployed people and fiddlefarting around. It’s guys who specialize and have real world experience that is killer that know have some of the best influencers and partners in the NFT space. Few kaiju multiversal walkers GAS. Shit that will kickstart our growth. Its not a permanent job. Crapping on my idea without knowing more is super counterproductive.

I wouldn’t say it’s crapping on your idea, it’s being critical and applying feedback.

If you want to propose 2.5eth a week for marketing people, some background on why they are worth 2.5eth would be helpful. You didn’t even give their names for people to look up…

Also you’re speaking as if there is a guarantee that this proposal would produce a 10x gain on royalties which is just speculation.

More information and actual facts rather than just saying “doing this will produce this” will get a better response.


I agree with langs claim. Before even talking about how much to pay someone for their work it would be nice to know more about these people that moe is recommending but at the same time I do see where moe is coming from with his ideas there can be aspects to focusing more on the short term. I would like to know more about these connections though.

Yeah I was just proposing an idea. If people think it might be smart I can give more details and stuff. Just trying to get a discussion started. I wouldnt suggest we do anything that is a waste of money and it would certainly have to seem like well thought out smart thing to do from both the team and community perspective. Basically the plan would be to use some of the goonz stash to kickstart demand and get us some seriously needed online momentum and fresh eyes and money flowing into the project to create demand for goonz and give us an even higher floor. I like some of the new ideas and stuff being done this week :slight_smile:

He is not crapping on your idea. It does not sound reasonable or sustainable to pay someone 250k a year with no idea who they are and what they could do for the goonz.

It’s not a year I never said it was a year. It’s a rough number fee until they are not needed. Just figure I mention I know some people who can do stuff like create demand get our Twitter followers way up bring in investors get us killer collabs (multiversal walkers few ect) and get wl spots for stuff that are rather impossible to get. If people liked the concept and idea I could get a proposal and introduce them to the team and goonz.

Yes but either way to pay someone 2.5 ETH a week when we don’t know who they are and the work they’ve done. Like how would they create demand and bring Cryptoon Goonz twitter up and get more collaborations? This is where you make proposals