OOH | 6/20 Supporting UO Partnership (LinkNYC Digital Kiosks)

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Out-of-Home Advetising ROI (Return on Investment)

1. We’ll create a special Goonz art / branding for it. This gives us brand presence to people walking by (many of which will be in NYC for NFTs specifically)

2) We’ll add some “Call To Action” copy to it to direct people to Urban Outfitters Herald SQ to "mint a free NFT"

3) We’ll create social content for it that will reach at least 100k+ impressions across OUR Twitter & IG - and even more as Goonz post it, strangers post it, & maybe even Urban Outfitters will story / post it also


We all know how great our Goonz community is, but the rest of the world may still have no idea - and NFT NYC week is where we can help change that

We have the opportunity to further capitalize on the amazing work/partnerships that the team has executed - and OOH can help us bring Goonz to the streets of New York. This proposal is being created to best complement any other marketing initiatives for the UO launch on 6/20 - driving people to UO store in real time

More importantly, we will be using digital OOH to help spark Goonz curiosity - Not just for the UO launch, but also for NFT NYC attendees that may be in town (and nearby)

  • Proposal:

LINKNYC Digital Street Kiosks (6/20 only, 1 Day, 6 Hour Daypart - :15 ads)

We will have 100% ownership (SOV) on 40 targeted placements (100% ownership means that we will not be sharing ad space with any other advertiser)

LinkNYC brings gigabit Wi-Fi and a host of other public utilities to citizens for free, and is one of the largest digital networks in the world (and is located in NY). These digital kiosks have replaced the pay phones in NY, further helping to digitize and beautify the city. Two-sided units with 55” displays.

What is OOH?

Generally speaking, this is advertising that we all experience outside of the home. This includes billboards, wallscapes, bus shelters & buses, kiosks, etc.

About me:

I have over a decade in OOH experience, running an industry leading startup OOH Agency, based out of New York City. We have clients that range from smaller DTC advertisers, to well established legacy brands (where i oversee multi-million budgets).


$12,000 for 1 Day, 6 Hours on LINKNYC (6/20)


1)Need Approval ASAP - Pending Vote

2) I Will then send leadership a media authorization contractual document, which includes contractual terms (which we provide all of our clients). This will allow my agency to book the media on the behalf of Cryptoon Goonz and the services that all will be providing - Must be signed on/before Tuesday, 6/14

3) I will then contract media with media owners on behalf of Goonz - Which ensures that we can lock in the OOH - To contract on/before Wed 6/15

4) All creative assets due on/before 6/16, along with pre-payment to media owner

5) WE ARE LIVE on 6/20! Photos will be sent, etc. so that we can all see how awesome this looks!

This advertising support does not guarantee that our floor price/value will increase - This is a marketing channel that should substantially help promote ROI/awareness in the project.

Kiosk locations surrounding the UO Herald SQ store




Sorry to be the lone dissenter. I simply don’t feel like now is the right time to be liquidating any of our eth. I think wiser investment would be to be investing in eth-based projects.

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I think both things can be done. I’d like to know more about investing in other eth-based projects tho. Write up a proposal.

I like this proposal for a few reasons.

  1. It was written up in the correct format, so you’re serious.

  2. You laid out a pretty good case, being very transparent about the steps necessary to take and the costs.

  3. The cost is not exorbitant for the amplifying effect that it will have on the UO event. This event, is probably(?), the most important event so far in Goonz becoming a globally recognized brand. The amount of attention and people that we get to this event is extremely important in the long term vision of the project. This is where we truly start bridging from “just” an NFT project into a true brand.

I’m all for it. LFGOON!